Does anyone know of a way to return the servername you are connected to in version 2.6?? Thanks in advance.

As far as I know, it cannot be done. Sorry…

I haven’t tried it, but if you’re using the Navision Server then you can declere a variable of the type “Navision Server” and then get the Server Name from there.

Hey Erik, Are you saying to declare a variable in Navision of with a datatype of “Navision Server”??? If so, what version of Navision are you using?

I think he means a variable of DataType Record and Subtype Navision Server

I haven’t tried versions earlier than 2.60, but check out table no. 2000000051 - you can’t see it in the Object Designer, only in the declare variables form. But I don’t know if you need a NSC license to see/use it.

Table 2000000047 Server, has the information.

Table 2000000051 - Navision Server has the info about the servaename,Net Type & also the port u r connected to. It is a virtual table, can’t be seen using Object Designer.

I couldn’t find table 2000000047 nor 2000000051 in Version 2.50d. Is there a similar table in this version ? Or is there another way to find out the servers name ?