Server Suggestions.....?

Hi all, May be upgrading our current homegrown system to Navision…any suggestions on hardware that runs it well? Do you have the database and the program on the same server? Do you host terminal services on same server as well? We will prob. be using the canned Navision database…no SQL. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, JP

The Navision Server is a very efficient product. Your primary sizing criteria should be based on the number of users, number and type of transactions, data volume, etc. Generally lots of memory and lots of fast disk and as much network speed as is affordable are the basics. There have been a couple of recent discussions here on Navision.Net about this very topic. Do a search on “New Server”. Also review the recommendations in the Navision Installation guide, which is on the Navision software CD (including the demo CD). On the second part of your question, based on past experience I would recommend strongly that your Navision server NOT share server hardware with any other significant application beyond the Operating System. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

ok… So I have been reading and come up with the following: 1) Run Citrix on top of WTS on a dual processor machine. 2) Run the Navision Server with a C/side database on a single processor server. Would it be advisable to also have a PDC that controls login and print? We are currently a Novell shop with 3 branches, and want to go Win 2000 Server for the upgrade. Thanks, JP

Perhaps I should know, but I don’t know what a PDC is? (Personal Data Communicator, Pontificating Digital Console, Paisley Damp Cloth?) Sorry about that, not enough sleep last night.

PDC…Primary Domain Controller…for Microsoft Networks. I am trying to figure out how many servers I will need to cover all my needs on the network. One server for WTS/Citrix(dual processor), one server for Navision C/Side dbase (single processor), and one server to control domain login and printing services (single processor). Does this sound correct? Thanks, JP

Primary Domain Controller, David. You know, like a wife/girlfriend :slight_smile: No, a PDC is not necessary, as you can use database login instead of windows login, when users log on to Navision. Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Why can’t programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25)

Well, I guess I’ve blown my cover. I’m not an NT configuration expert. I’m also not a SQL expert, not a C++ expert, not a wife/girlfriend expert, not a … (this list is getting depressing).

David…NOBODY’s an expert on wives/girlfriends :wink: Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Why can’t programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25)

Why couldn’t you run the navision database and citrix/windows terminal on the same box. As citrix/terminal is essentially just an operating system , You could run the os on it own hdd and have it mirrored and then have your navision database on it’s own mirrored drives or even its own controller so it would not have to fight with the os. Also wouldnt this make it a little faster as there would be no communication taking place over you network, it would all be local in your scsi chain and therefore faster[?]

I wouldn’t reccomend to mix Citrix and Navision server on the same machine. Citrix is a client platform and the Navision server a server platform. Dont mix those. You’ll risk that a problem in one users application (Navision or something else) affects the Navision server and then all other users. Let the server be a server.