Server Specs

I am currently looking at replacing my old system with Dynamics. What spec of server is recommended with regards to processor, memory and disks.

What is everyone else using?


Can you answer these questions before suggesting something?

  • Number concurrent users
  • Expected DB size

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Another thing you need to consider is which server platform you will go with.

Navision supports its own server platform, as well as SQL. The Native (or C/SIDE) server is much faster than SQL, which means the hardware requirements are much much less. Also there are no “C/SIDE CALs” to buy, so overall the cost is much less.

On the other hand, there are many reasons now that it is better to make the investment in additional hardware, and just do it now. On top of that, although Microsoft will continue to support the Native C/SIDE database for years to come, all new features in Navision will be available only in SQL.

In my Blog I wrote about this Should I move my move Dynamics NAV Server from C/SIDE to SQL

Also here is an article about Moving to NAV on SQL, including a starting point for a SQL server hardware spec.

The user count is likely to be 50-60 concurrent users.

I have no idea of DB size as i dont know what to expect yet !!

To just give you an idea. I have uploaded "Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV 4.0 Hardware Guide - White Paper Version 3"

This is just a guide document, don’t consider it has mandatory.

Just another point, Has David said. Native database server it’s faster than SQL Server with less hardware. The problem is that Microsoft is trying to move users to SQL Server. In some circumstances I still prefer native database. Shortly I will start a new implementation that it will in native database server.

In NAV 5.1 some new features won’t run in native database server.

Then the server I mention in those posts above would probably be a good starting point.