Server side processing?

Is there a way to move a process from Client Side to Server side? I have a credit card transaction that because 1 of the client machines has become unstable, keeps getting interupted in between sending the request to the credit card authorization system and receiving the transaction number back. It looks like the problem is in the specific client’s communications files. We are going to reinstall the client. But I also have problems with the Credit Card communications in the warehouse because their Network Communications aren’t stable. But this got me wondering if there is a way to move the processing of a process from the client to the server thinking that this might help remove the middle man from the process. Any help?

Install a client on the server and RDP in? Use NAS?

Both of those suggestions are accurate, and would work fine for an IT person, but they’re a little bit squirrely for an end-user, unless you really make it act and appear seamless. I would suggest that you get the client machine stable. For the time and effort you’re probably spending, you could buy and install a box for less than $1500, labor included. Or, if the network is the problem, I would think you’ve got more major issues on the horizon. If you can get your hands on a good Network Admin, like Vern, you’ll do better. Other than that, there’s no way I know of to get things to process “on the server”, because even on the server machine, you’d have to have a client session running. This means you’d have to totally redesign your processing such that requests go into a queue, which only the server’s Navision session would actualy process. That seems like a lot of work! Want to get some Indian food tomorrow?