Server run Unix

Hi…All On Navision server there is 3 o/s HP-UX,IBM AIX,Reliant Unix, Does anyone have experience implemented Navision Server in unix, and tell me what kind of hardware server for those o/s, i will be greatfull you can me the list of the hardware each of o/s, and what database will gonna use on o/s unix platform. because I never implemented Navision Software on Unix Kind Regard Ako

In the future there will be no Navision-servers for HP-UX and Reliant Unix. Sales for these two Platforms already stopped on 1.4.2001. Seems to be a lack of customer-interest. According to Navision, IBM-AIX will stay a platform for the Navision-server. If you want to run AIX, then you have to use hardware from IBM. As far as i know, you can’t buy AIX without a machine. But i’m not 100 % sure. Better ask a IBM-dealer. Navision uses the Navision-database also on Unix-machines.