Server requirements for AX 2012 R2 for 40 Users

Hi All

We have purchased AX and are currently looking for the necessary servers.

We are a 40 user site (single site).

We are looking for recommendations for Server Specifications.

What server spec would you recommend for our AX SQL server?

What are your views on running AX SQL on a virtual machine? I know it can work well for the AOS/Role Center machines, but what about the main SQL machine?

What specification is your server, how many users, physical/virtual, what is your performance like?



Hi Chris

If you have purchased AX I would hope you did this in conjunction with a partner you have a working relationship with, and they should have already given you an indication of the requirements. There are many levels of the specification depending upon the end use of the system, but this should be known now, although this could change through the analysis phase. I am not technical myself but I could get a colleague involved from a partner (that I work for) if you like, but my recommendation is you talk to your current partner, it is a partnership after all and they should be the experts you are relying upon.

You can find the requirements here, but every site is different so a recommendation should come from your partner who knows what your intentions are:


We do have a partner involved, but I was looking for an unbiased opinion.

If anyone is able to offer some suggestions for spec it would be appreciated.

I have looked at the document in your link but as far as I can see, it doesn’t actually specify the recommended server spec for AX SQL server.



Hi Chris,

In the past Microsoft used to publish sizing guides which was quite handy ; but for some reason this was discontinued by MS.

I would suggest you to start with ‘Day in the life’ white papers for an idea about sizing and take it forward from there.

Day in the life white papers are available from


Thanks for your prompt replies.

I have printed out the Day In The Life document.

Im still not certain what it’s telling me.

How do I relate the number of transactions in the document to my number of transactions and how do I then scale down the specs they used in the D I T L doc with specs suitable for my application?

Any help would be appreciated - I feel a little in the dark here.

What are your specs for number of users?



Hi Chris,

Regarding your above query, going by rule of thumb (1 AOS server per 100 users, 1 EP server per 200 users), I suppose for 40 users 1 AOS server should be adequate. Of course this needs to be validated by quantifying various factors such as number of modules used, transaction volume, number of concurrent users etc this metrics would vary.

Alongside AOS, you would also have to plan for other servers such as reporting, EP, workflow etc.

Sizing DB server has to be carried out more scientifically in the similar lines below -

  • Determine various factors such as number of users (including concurrent users), modules that will be used, transaction volume, integration requirements etc
  • The above metrics would enable you to determine normal load; make a note of database size
  • Then let your users (determined in the first step) do their normal role for a day and make a note of database size. This should give an indication of growth in the database size on a typical business day.
  • Extrapolate this size with the time frame (ex - 2 years) you wish to cater for. This should give you an educated figure of database size to size for.

Hope this answers your query.