"Server Not Found" - While Connecting NAV 5.01 to SQL 2008 DB

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I have installed SQL 2008 on Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 Bit). The client machine has windows 7 enterprise OS, on which Nav 5.01 client has been installed. The client and the server machine is on the LAN. The client machine can ping the server succesfully.

While connecting the database through the client, i am getting the message “Server not found”. On the server all the services are running as NT Authority\Network Services. I have tried it through domain user as well as domain administrator.

Can anybody guide me if there is any configuration to be done on the SQL side. I can connect to the database through navision client on the server without any problem.

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Does the SQL Server Browser Service is up and running on Windows Server? Check through SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Check the Windows firewall and if thats not the problem check if the SQL Server is set to allow remote connections.

Dear Imran

Thanks. It was not running. we started it, but still the same problem.



Check also SQL server service area configuration if its set to allow remote connections.

Hi Faisal,

Check the “Net Type” in the advanced tab - make sure it’s the same as when you created the database.

have you setup the traceflag in SQL for NAV?

Which edition of SQL is it?

Dear All

Thanks a lot for all your replies and suggestion. The SQL server i am using is 2008 which is hosted on Windows 2008 R2 server.

To resolve the issue, i enabled the named pipes and TCP/IP from the SQL Server Configuration Manager and restarted the SQL Server Services.

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