Server Log in error

Has anyone seen this? I have Navision 3.7 (C/Side) set up on a physical server. On this server, I have created a virtual Test server. I have added the command to the service file with the correct listening port/tcp info on both the server and 50 clients. On 49 0f the 50 clients users are able to point to the test server and login to the correct database. On one client, even though the service file is exactly the same as the other 49 desktops, when i point the machine to the test server and log in it wont allow me to access the correct company. When i look at the database info it indicates the proper server name but points to the wrong database itself. I cant seem to see the difference on this one machine in particular. Can someone please help. Thanks, Josh

Try to open the database with (and I just assume that you are talking about the native DB server): servername:portnumber (like in the Open Database form. If that works, you have a problem with the services and/or hosts file. Are you sure that your name resolution works ?

Its definately recognizing the server name. It will point the to the server name but it it doesnt open the correct database location.