Server Installation

I have a customer that is trying to install Navision Server 3.7A. They have already installed the client on the server. When going through the installation process, they get up to the point where the Server Name is entered. At this screen, the server name is automatically populated and is correct, however, when they click next to continue, nothing happens. They can not get past this and i have tried everything i can think of. Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Sometimes the server is installed as Microsoft …, sometimes as Navision … BUt if you really cannot find that one try to create a shortcut to the server exe and apply the parameters below: “<PathToExe\SERVER.exe” database=.fdb, servername= cache=, commitcache=yes, installasservice Then check in the services and start the service (it is initially not started after installasservice) when you want to remove the service again you can call the same line with uninstallasservice at the end instead of installasservice