server.exe problem

Im new to Navision, and need help to set the server.exe limit, right now its using all the servers memory, and I need some advice. Please mail me at Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

On your Navision Attain product CD, in the DOC\W1 folder, you’ll find the w1w1ism.pdf file (in case of Navision Financials, look in NFDOC\W1). The pdf contains the “Installation and System Management: Navision Server” manual which has all the necessary information about setting up the server’s start-up properties. Pay attention to the “cache” and “commitcache” properties. Tip: The Navision Server comes with a snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (the two NDSM*.dll files) that allows you to start, stop and configure the Navision Server using the MMC. Best regards - Jens

Assuming Navision 2.60 - After some frustration we found that a cache size of approximately 50% of physical memory with commitcache turned on is a good compromise. These settings can be configured at install or throught the comsole plugin, but if you are happy to edit the registry then the following is simple and quick - Key : Hkey_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services<NavisionServerName> Substitue the name you gave the Navision server at install time. Values : Cache - Reg_DWORD - Cache allocation in KB - caution binary (eg. 0x20000 = 128Meg) CommitCache - Reg_DWORD - 1=Yes, 0=No Then just stop / start the Navision service. If you do not have a UPS on the server I recommend that you DO NOT turn on CommitCache. No CommitCache will have a dramatic impact on performance when posting entries such as multi line journals etc.

Thanks for the replies, very usefull info from both of you, and I finally got the cache level corrected, and thanks for the fast reply aswell :slight_smile: All the best Blom