server connectivity.

Hi All, Recently i have come across this funny (might be stupid )situation. inorder to flush out all the phamtom sessions (those not released at server level ) we have restarted the server. now when i try to connect the server from client , it says that server not found… however when i try to ping to server or connect through windows explorer , the server can be seen. i have not able to connect to the server using client - file - database- open - server name (the system throws error message that server/ database not found ). pls help me out. Regards Ardent.

Did you reboot the entire server? If so, please make sure the Navision service came up again after reboot. If the service failed to start, you will be able to ping the server, but connection attempts to Navision will fail.

I am in the same situation; we have too many “Phantom” sessions. Is there a way to remove them without “shutting down” services, re-boot or similar drastic measures? [:(]