Server configuration

Wanted to get some opinions on a server configuration to handle the following database: Navision v 4.0 (native) size approx: 10gb 15 users 30-75 invoices a day about half that for purchases They will be getting a new server, and I was wondering about hard drives, memory, etc… Thanks

Are the 75 invoices a day the only real postings? If so then this si a pretty small system, so how do you get to 10Gb? Are they 5,000 line invoices with Items with serial numebrs and 14 dimensions, or is this just historical data. If basically this is just history, then you need a pretty basica server. 1 CPU (486 will be enough, but probably go for a pentium) 1G ram no more than half of that for the Cache, and 15 users you don’t really need Commit Cache. 8 Hard drives Raid 1, C: = OS, D:, E:, F: for three parts of DB 5 Gig each Unless there is something youforgot to mention, then that should do the job. (Another 2 drives might be nicer, but not critical.

Not much more to it then that. The 10gb comes from mostly pictures - they have pictures for nearly all of their inventory items, and 10 years worth of data… (pictures they just started last year). Only other posting would be standard little adjusting journal entries, payroll for 40 employees. The invoices have probably on average 5 line items. Real small. Dimensions are being used but not anything complex.

Then go with that spec, its more than enough. Run it on XP Proffessional or Win2k, you don’t even need Windows Server, though that wont really save you too much anyway.