Server/Client Application information

I’m looking for some white papers on what all the files in the server/Client Dir do IE: fin.exe= fin application finSQL.exe= SQL fin application etc… can anyone point me in the right direction??

brock, Do you mean, you want to know what the files in the server and client directories do? May I ask why? [?]

Yes, For my own personal knowledge, and troubleshooting problems I see lots of .stx and .htm errors etc. and I would like to have a better working knowledge of the software components. I have yet to find a good white paper on the structure of the server and client app and associated files Regards, Brock

Hi Brock, You probably don’t need to know about the exe and dlls, but as for the Navision extensions:

  • stx = System Text File - used to store all the system text in Navision. All the key words are stored there. If you look at this file it becomes pretty obvious. The case and sort lists are pretty important when creating Navision databases. In earlier versions, this file also contained all the C/Side key words “BEGIN”, “END”, “REPEAT” etc. So you could have lots of fun translating those. The stx has a check sum, so you can not edit it.
  • stm = complied stx file
  • etx = Error Text Messages - contains all the standard error messages.
  • etm = compiled etx file
  • mtx = never did find out what the acronym was, but it does NOT mean Message Text - its gone now anyway, so don’t worry about it.
  • mtm = compiled mtx file
  • htx = Help Text - text format of the online help. Not used any more. [V]
  • htm = compiled help files - this contains all the links between field numbers (etc) and the actual help text.
  • flf = Financial Licence File = contains your license
  • zup = Does anyone know what the acronym means? - this contains all the current settings such as window size and position, current records. It also has a hidden feature to crash your computer, which is why you need to delete it every now and then.[V]
    I have no idea why anyone would want to know this but there it is. [:)]

Hey David, as far as I know zup means setup !!! Z=Set !!!

That was what I was looking for Thank you

One thing, I thought the .htm was date and location info I had a problem (.htm error in NAV) with people connection to citrix from other time zones and this file was the cause of the error. After telling Citrix not to use Local time for the client it went away.

Yep. That’s a common error until 3.60 (or was it 3.10?), and You solved it the correct way. Nice weekend. /Lars

3.10 was the fix

In the good old days… ah remember them … creating help was a case of step 1/ open help file in text editor step 2/ edit help file step 3/ there is no step three. // // NAME_TEXT = "Description" // TABLE_NO = 27 // FIELD_NO = 3 Enter a description of the item, exactly as you want it to appear on reports, invoices, and other printouts. You can enter up to 30 characters. -------------------- @2@Table 27, Field 3@0@ This is the help for The description field on an item card. Next time you ran Navision it did all the compiling in the background, and creted the hmt file. End users could edit their own help files. PS: mtx may be menu text, since it does contain what could be thought of as menus. Anyway this is a bit off topic.


Wrong topic David [:D] Tired [?] Good night!