Server 2003 Enterprise 64bit

Hi. We have Navision v 4.0 running on Windows Server 2003. We are considering upgrading to Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition so that will have access to 6gb Ram of our server. Does Navision v4 run well on Windows Serrver 2003 Enterprise?


What exactly is going to run on the x64 server? The NAV client? Terminal Server? Citrix? NAV Database Server? NAS? SQL Server?

You need to be clear what you mean here?

DO you mean

  1. NAV is running on Win 2003 and you are using Terminal services to run remotely?
  2. You have ANV Native server running on Win 2003?
  3. You have SQL server running on Win 2003.
  4. none of the above. Provide details.

Hi, ok, we have Navision v4.0 Native database server running on Win 2003. The server was upgraded to 6gb ram, but being hosted on Server 2003 standard edition, it accesses only 4. If we upgrade to Server 2003 Enterprise, will this Navision database still run as Server 2003 Enterprise as this is a x64 bit operating system ?

NAV server can access a maximum of 1Gig of RAM, so your old systme was alrady over kill, and it is pointless doing this upgrade.

Why are you upgrading the server? You could run it on a Win2000 client and get the same performance.

Also, the C/SIDE database server is a 32bit platform. It will probably run on x64 but only in 32bit mode, and as such will probably only slow the system down. For sure it will NOT use more than 1GB of RAM, and it will only use 1 processor.

If you think you need to upgrade to Enterprise Editions, you should consider migrating to SQL Server. This DOES take advantage of x64 platform (the SQL Server bits, not the NAV bits).

And if you want to gain some performance and you don’t want to go to SQL, put some more RAID1 disks in it and divide the DB over them (AND KEEP THEM DEDICATED!).