Serial Numbers in Axapta

I have a question about how serial numbers are implemented in Axapta. I work with Attain and in Attain the serial numbers are stored in the Item Ledger Entry Table. One line is created for each serial number. When I did a test of creating a Sales Order with 1 item x Qty 20,000 and then generate serial numbers for these items, the result of posting the sales order is approximately 40 MB of database usage (there are other reasons for this growth such as variances and dimensions - but the main growth is caused by 20,000 item ledger entry lines being created for each item/serial number). This also severely impacts Attains Serial Number Item tracking screen. After a few hundred thousand serial numbers have been generated, the screen to select/input serial numbers in Sales/Purchase orders will take a long time to open. How does Axapta handle serial numbers? is it similar to Attain? and would result in large database growth also? Thanks in advance for any help. Harold

Hi Harold, In Axapta, when a Sales Order is picked or despatched, serial numbers will get written to at least 3 tables - InventTrans, InventDim and InventSerial and so I strongly suspect that you will also experience a similar database growth in Axapta. I cannot really comment on the performance aspect of this, although I would hope and expect that Axapta would have much less of a problem than Attain. Out of curiosity, what is the scenario for this requirement of high volumes with serial numbers? (What industry, product, etc?) Best regards, Andrew Cowell

Thanks for the reply. would it be possible for you to do a test of some type to see the DB growth? I just used the DB monitor tool in Attain, recorded currest DB size, created and posted the sales order with 20k serial #'s and then looked at the DB usage again. It’s for a company which distributes and sells computers/parts/electronics. Thanks, Harold

After posting my reply, a colleague and I ran the same test in Axapta. As expected, the database grew by approximately 40MB, the same as in your test of Attain.