Serial Numbers in Axapta

Is there any way in Axapta to ONLY require serial number entry for a product when received and when picked/sold? We do NOT want to have to move inventory from location to location in the warehouse by serial number, just in qty only.

In Inventory Dim groups check “Inventory transactions” in “Editing”. If you do it, user can change SN when he change inv.location. Example: 1. Transfer Item 1 (SN ON hand are: 1…100) 2. User In Sales (for example) create Line 1 with Item 1 - 10 qty. He don’t enter SN in lines. 3. User in warehouse take Item and enter SN 99, 100, 55,…, 3 etc. (He can take any items without control of SN Axapta automatically change SN from 1…10 to 99, 100 …etc.) 4. Transfer finished for items with SN 99, 100, 55,…, 3 etc.