Serial Number


We are having a problem in terms of serial number, If I go to Item Journal and select the Item Tracking Line and click on the 3 dots under serial number, there is a serial number that has a total requested quantity value, when you click that field it show that there is a Sales Order for that serial number, but when I browse the SO, this order is already been shipped and invoiced, so I don’t understand what has caused this to happen.

Please advise if smeone manage to encounter this problem.

Many thanks.


Eric, Have you ever modified from the table?

maybe it’s because you change table manually…

check SN from table 32 (item ledger entry)

and then check table 337 (Reservation Entry)

if it’s available on table 32, then it mean’s that SN had been posted

if it’s available on table 337, then it mean’s that SN had not been posted

Hello experts. I need to know if it is possible to adjust the serial numbers after receiving the items. Therre were some errors made while scanning the items and now I can not find them, however, I have them on my warehouse. I had the clerk do a physical inventory and verify all serial numbers. What I need to do is to change the ones that are wrong and balance my inventory to match my physical inventory. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

You can do this in the “Item Reclassification Journal”.
In the Item Tracking window you have “Old” and “New” serial number.

Dont see that on this version. 5.1

Got it, thanks.