Serial number wise financial dimensions update


I would like to update serial number specific financial dimensions for an item.

Example: I have enabled serial number control for an item and I made purchase of 10 pcs. Now I have 10 serial numbers updated with 1 qty each in the onhand inventory. I was able to update one combination of financial dimension values in the PO line as we are selecting one Item code in the PO and the 10 serial numbers are generated automatically. Hence AX is updating the one combination of financial dimension values for all 10 serial numbers in the transactions.

In my case, financial dimensions would be different for each serial number. Is there any way to update financial dimensions serial number wise? Please post your comments. Thanks in advance.




If Financial dimensions are different for different serial number items, then create individual lines for each of those items and attach your financial dimension, In your case, split the quantity into 10 lines and attach financial dimensions for each of those lines during PO creation itself…