Serial Number Blank Receipt Allowed vs Picking List Registration

Hi All,

I have created an Inventory Dimension Group with the objective being to record serial numbers of items as they are sold:
Serial Number:
Active: Yes
Blank Receipt Allowed: Yes
Serial Number Control: Yes
All other options: No

However, in the Picking List Registration form, the quantity of the item in question appears on one single line in stead of having a quantity of one unit per line. This creates the problem of attempting to assign one serial number to multiple units.

How can I make it split the inventory transactions into individual transactions so that each individual unit appears on its own line in the picking list registration form?


There is no way of having it presented in this manner. You could add a serial number group and pre-fill and then change, but otherwise you need to split in the pick registration and define (sales line and stock button and the pick option allows this to be defined prior to the picking list registration depending upon where you are doing this. It is a pain and I have got around it by aforementioned number group association in the past, but this is inbound where all numbers are non-consistent. No way of really doing it because they are not defined/reserved (my argument is serial number control is on so it should know, Microsoft told me this was not a valid reason).

You should not be able to assign the same serial number to multiple lines with serial number control activated, but I have not done this with blank receipt activated in the past.

Hello Stu, did you assign a “Serial number group” to the items you want to work that way? If so, verify into that serial number group, in the General tab, that you have a ‘1’ in field “Per qty.”. if I understood you well this can help your need.