serial number and lot number

I had purhased 10 quantities with lot number as LOT007 and serial number SN 1001 to SN 1010. Now when I create sales order and go to item tracking, I had to manually select the serial number. Is there any way that automatically system select serial number from SN 1001 to SN 1005 along with lot number gets selected .

Without mod, I dont think so. Nav even lets you reserve lot 1 and track trace on lot 2…

You need to customize a little bit. The existing feature is for LIFO, for FIFO it wud require a little change in the code.

Hi Abhay, It seems that u r using version 3.60. The functionality u r asking, was available in version 3.1. U can take the help from that code,but be carefull. Cheers