Serial No. ?

Is there a way of looking up a Serial No. (or Tracking No.) when you don’t know the Item No.? – I know you can use the proper table, BUT this is NOT a good option for an end user. ALSO, is there a way of telling what Serial No.'s (or Tracking No.'s) are available for sale? Thanks. Sandy

Hi Sandy which version of Navision is this as the handling differs between 2.60 and 3.60!

Version 3.10…soon to be upgraded to 3.60

Hi Sandy You will have to forgive this part answer as I do not have accessibility to 3.10. In 3.60 the serial number has been written back to the item ledger table, I say written back as my memory tells me these tracking entries had their own table in 3.10. Due to many complicaitons in 3.10 in this area the whole of the item tracking functionality was re-written for 3.60. In 3.60 you can do the following, go into any item and drill down on the item ledger entry table, select the table filter, bring forward the serial number and enter your choice, and from the item number field, remove the filter on the item number, this will take you to the correct record(s), or if filtered on part of the serial number, maybe several more records. This will show you all transactions, credit memos, invoices, purchases, but it will get you what you want - the item number. In 3.10 the item tracking entries were held in a different table, so you could not get to them from a filter on the item ledger entry table, you can always go to the item tracking record from any item card and see if you can alter the filters, but I have a feeling this method will only allow you to look at entries against that item number and not remove the filtering by item number as you can in the ledger entry table. So that probably constitutes around a quarter of a reply! [:D]

Hi Sandy As an addition, to tell those available for sale you could also filter on the remaining quantity field where it is <> 0. Again this may ne held slightly differently in 3.10.

This is helped, and made my Purchasing Manager a very happy man. Thank you for taking to the time to reply.