Serial No. in Version 2.00D

Hi, I have a customer who have the following problem : When posting an Sales Invoice it sometimes (two times in last month) get SerialNo from last years serie. The other invoices gets SerialNo from this years serie. Why? They have experienced the same thing when posting Recievables (Purchase orders). I would realy appreciate help!

This may sound like a somewhat stupid question - but is the date on the PC set correctly?

Workdate, posting date etc is correct. I am a litle suspicous that this might have something to do with DocumentDate that possibly is a date in last year. I was hoping, since this is a real old version, that someone else had experienced the same.

Hi Maria As Heinz asked the first stupid question I will ask another [:D] - In version 2.00 does the serial number you book an item in with remain with it until you sell it? (sounds fundamental to a good tracking system to me). In other words if I book it in in 2002 with serial number SN12345-2002 just because on 1st January I change my number series to SNXXXXX-2003, doesn’t mean all of my in stock items change serial numbers. Does this make sense? Therefore it could be perfectly valid to sell an item with “last years” serial number on it (although of course I have no experience with the “peculiarities” of vresion 2.00!)

I am afraid that I might have used the wrong definition using SerialNo. This is not about Item tracking. It’s about Series No and the No given to the posted Invoice. I’m trying to confirm my idea about Document Date, but I can’t get hold of the customer. Thanks anyway for trying to help me! /Maria

Hi Maria The posting numbers series used by the invoices is written to the sales header at the point the sales header is loaded (This is probably true in your version as I am sure it does this 2.50-3.70). If the year end is December 31st and you change your invoice number series on 1st January, any orders loaded prior to Jan 1 will have “last years” invoice number series. Am I closer to your issue now! [:D]

Hi again, I’m sorry but the customer didn’t confirm this. The orders that they have problem with are all created in 2003 and they changed nr series 1st of january 2003. We can’t se the pattern! Is it possible that the nr-serie might be in conflict with another nr-serie??? I’m just guessing… Thanks again for your trouble!

Hi Maria I presume the date last used field for last years series is in this year? Also I presume these are auto generated number series? If the number series is selected from the direct input of an invoice, then any series can be selected, so it could be manual selection, rather than an automated error. Little else I can think of I am afraid.

Hi Maria It’s only an idea: The Posting Date is the basis for the NumberSeries. Are you sure that both orders had an Posting Date in this moment? Were the sales orders created manual or automatically? Another idea: Working Date from the menu. If this Date is changed to another period will the NumberSeries follow this date. bye André