Serial No. in salesline

Just semi-finished an upgrade from 201 to 370. Problem is however that serialnr in 201 salesline was used in many reports. Checked table 336 “Tracking Specification” in 370, but only source ID 38 and no ID 37 was found in this new table. Through codeunit 99000832 “Sales Line Reserve” (called by subform) another serialnumber-form can be run, but how can I get a quick single serial no. like the good old days. Reason why I need this serial no is because it is used in many 50000-reports/CU (if saleslinerec.“serial no” <> ‘’ then begin…) Thinking about a function (returnvalue = code20) on the salesline. Hope to hear from you soon. Markus

We had this problem when Attain (3.00) came out. The serialno.-funcionality was transferred to the “item tracking”-module and you had to buy the whole module - although you only needed a serialno and no additional tracking. And you bet they took a “good” price for that module. So we checked the code for the serialnos in the 2.60 version. Not a big thing. You add some table-fields and have to implement a few changes in the item-posting routine.

Hi Mark! You can get it from Table 337 “Reservation Entry”. In this table value in field “Source Type” must be 37 (i.e. “Sales Line”), “Source Subtype” = “Document Type” of your “Sales Line”, and “Source Ref. No.” equal to “Line No.” at “Sales Line”. And apparently you need license for Item Tracking functionality. Alternatevely you can create your own field “Old Good Serial No.” and then you have to customize posting routine, posted sales lines, Item Ledger etc. - not that much work actually.