Serial No. in 3.70

Hi, One of my customers just upgraded from 3.10 SQL to 3.70 SQL. One of the problems he is experiencing is when scanning serial no’s into the Item Tracking Lines the system is relatively slow especially when closing the form when the data is transferred from the temporary table into the actual table. My question is: Has anybody changed the properties for the tables from temporary=true to temporary=false? Thanks, Gylfi[}:)]

i dont know if they have fixed the problem in 3.70. ive solved this problem on 3.60 by changing the tableview of the form “Item Tracking Lines” to different key. Search the forum, i guess i posted it already somewhere. the form filters for source type, source id and so on, but the key of the form is the primary key, so it hangs around quite a bit. as i changed the tableview, the form was REALLY fast.

Hi, Dont change the properties of the temporary tables to true, as they will insert record in the table to which they belong and you will get unwanted error from this. Regards