Serbia - new 10% mobile credit tax (PUMT)

Does anyone have experience of the new 10% tax on mobile phone services in Serbia and how to implement it in sales in NAVISION?. Does anyone know if MS has released a tax update for this?


What is the essence of this tax? Is it:

  1. surplus tax additional to VAT - Amt + VAT% + PUMT10%
  2. tax on tax - (Amt + VAT%) * PUMT10%
  3. instead of VAT - kind of reduced percentage VAT

First two options can’t be realized without modification, and schema “Tax on Tax” (2 option) is realised only in Indian version - (they have really terrible taxation system there). Last one could be mimicrized as “surogate” VAT, but reporting this tax to authorities must then be developed. (However you can easily get rid of this “surogate” VAT in VAT declarations)

It is Amt + VAT% + PUMT10% with a twist. Sales price of 1000.00 split at posting to
781.25 Base sales Price 140.625 18% VAT 78.125 10% PUMT

In such case you will need to write a modification yourself - if this “PUMT tax” is recently introduced, even the localised Navision for Serbia does’t contain it, and noone knows when it will be implemented, as MS (localising Partner) reaction always happens to be slow.

As alternative you may contact Partner companies in Serbia, how they are dealing with this new situation - as I understand from your profile, you yourself are in US…

Thank you for th response appreciated.
I will leave this open incase there is someone from Serbia (who has dealt this) responds.