Sequencing the method call at class level for form.(Form controller class)

Initially created a combo box at form level and if user chooses something in combo box modified method for combo box control executes.

So in my scenario i just want to write some code in class for that combo box control and that code should execute when user chooses some option.

since form level coding is not a best practice and I opt for classes to get executed instead of modified method for combo Box in Ax.

All right, so… what’s your question?

I just want to know how to call class methods when user selects an option in combobox without using modified method!!!

Unfortunately you tell almost nothing about your solution, so I can only guess what you really needed.

For example, if your combobox is bound to a datasource field and if you want to run the same logic for all forms where the table may be used, call your class from modifiedField() on the table. Of course. there are two ifs and I can’t know whether it applies to your situation or not.

If you have an unbound control, override its modified() method, but instead of putting business logic directly there, call a method of your class.