Seperate Purchsorders

Hi, It should be possible to financially seperate negative and normal purchorders. Does anyone have an idea? Jan-Luuc

Hi Jan Luuc, What do you want to seperate exactly…? Johan

Jan-Luuc, when you post Purchase Invoices and Purchase Credit Notes the controlling of the General Ledger posting partly come from the Accounts Payable setup and partly from the Inventory Posting setup. I don’t have any ideas with regards to the inventory postings, but for the postings controlled by the Account Payable setup, you could introduce a new posting profile and specify it os the negative Purchase Order. It is by no means a pretty solution, but it’s the only thing I can think of at the moment. Cheers, H. Jaeger Edenbrook Ltd. PS. Just for my own curiousity - what is the reason for wanting to separate the postings generated from Purchase Invoices and Purchase Credit Notes?

Hi Henrik, Indeed not a very pretty solution ;-). The reason was to be able to have an direct insight in your debts and reimbursements of your creditors (this should be able when you split the negative and normal orders and post them to different ledgers). I’ll let it be for the moment, but thanx for your reply. Jan-Luuc