Separating return items

V2.60b Our client has posted an invoice that has errors (e.g. wrong terms code). They have a policy that requires creating a credit memo applied to the original invoice and then ‘reinvoicing’ with all the item details. The items returned are received into a receiving bin specified on the credit memo. Then, the items have to be picked, shipped and invoiced on a new sales order. However, due to other sales orders, reservation entries and other pick documents, the returned items are not available to pick on the new sales order in many cases. Using a Sales Invoice instead of order is not feasible because the sales invoice is not linked to warehouse management and bin selection. Is there a way to separate the returned items so that reinvoicing is easier. One thought would be to create a new location that is not active for warehouse management. Any ideas? Thanks, James

Hi James Did you solve this one? A new location without warehousing parameters on to completely separate the transactions and not then require the warehousing processing. In 3.70 you could retain the bin without any picking and packing locations, or your locaiton could have no warehousing interface.