Separate posting of picking list items through movement Journal

Hi All ,

This requirement may be wired but this is what requesting by customer .
We have automatic posting of picking list by batch job but production BOM formula lines are not fixed. sometime rather Item A they use Item B but in Production formula Item A has been set and posting is already done . Now user also cannot change then Item from Item A to Item B.
Now customer asking me to remove all Items from formula and post picking list without any Item and consume all picking list Item through any other journal as per actual consumption.
My concern is how to adjust costing of Production Item though such Journal posting.
Is there any other method to face such situation? Customer also not ready for negative inventory and posting of inventory adjustment journal before production start.
Posting all picking list Item through other Journal and applying this cost to production Item is the requirement from customer.
I think this is wired requirement but still I need to answer them and suggest any good solution .

Kindly advice and thanks in advance

The cost cannot be transferred from other journals to the Production. Why cannot you use the picking list journal itself by manually choosing/entering the consumption requirement?

The cost cannot be transferred from other journals to the Production. Why cannot you use the picking list journal itself by manually choosing the consumption requirement?

Why are you forward flushing a BOM that is not the BOM you are using? Surely backflush and allow the user to alter B from A. Alternatively if you have to post create a reversing picking journal for A and add in the consumption line for B.

Any other journal will not impact on your production cost as stated. So stick to the picking list journal, but tell us the process, why they need it to post when they do, why they change it and then why they dont want to reflect the change in the system against production but still expect the costs to flow [:D]

Thanks Adam and Kranthi ,

Here issue is production formula lines are not fix while production .There are 5 to 6 Items subject to change any time during production . Here posting of all Journal is automatic through batch Job . SO now management is asking to remove all chemicals attached from formula and keep only fix Item. Now if we remove the all variable chemicals from production formula then we have to consume it through any other process .

Management also asking to apply cost of these chemical on route and maintain the cost of production Items .

Now they are asking to create one batch job so that all chemical will be backflush by movement Journal after production from WIP warehouse .

I am just thinking to offer any other good alternative solution .