SEPA DEBIT Transfer Payments

Is there also an update/hotfix for SEPA “DEBIT” transfer payments?

I know this one:

But I need it also for debitors.

Hello Steffen,

I am not aware of any hotfix for debit transfer payments.

Maybe take a look at the following website ( and / or contact the author of this paper directly.




have you found a solution?

best regards


Hi, no there is no solution from Microsoft. They said, that it will come, but cannot say when :slight_smile:

So we made it on our own.

We took the classes from Vendor SEPA Payment: VendOutPaym_SEPA, VendOutPaym_SEPA_DE, VendOutPaymRecord_SEPA, VendOutPaymRecord_SEPA_DE, copied them to CustOutPaym… and modified them as needed.

You can find the needed fileformat in Google. Search for “Anlage 3 der Schnittstellenspezifikation für die Kreditübertragung zwischen Kunde und Kreditinstitut … Version 2.5 vom 10.6.2010 gültig ab 1.11.2010 Final Version”

Hi Steffen,

thx for your reply. is it possible to get your solution somehow? maybe we can arrange something?

best regards