SEPA Credit transfer hot fix number or object list

hai all,

I need to implement SEPA Credit transfer functionality to my client. So i need the complete list of object which are required for that. can any one help me in this . Credit transfer functionality is implemented in my system. But I dont know the list of the objects for this functionality.

I need the hot fix number for SEPA Credit transfer or can any one tell me the way to find all object from my system.

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HI jismon

I’m Marco Calcini…I’m working to check the difference between the last hotfix of microsoft ( KB2902097) for SEPA and a customization for our customer.

the list of object of the last hotfix is

Ax 2009

\Data Dictionary\Tables\CustDirectDebitMandate

\Data Dictionary\Tables\CustParameters

\Data Dictionary\Extended Data Types\BatchBooking

\Data Dictionary\Base Enums\CustMandateScheme