Sending SMS from Ax

HI All,

I have an issue here.How to Send SMS from Dynamics AX???

Plz post ur replies,

Thank U…

Have a look at this blog:

How to send SMS from dynamics AX to mobile???

Yes that is what the blog helps you with.


This is not working, not enough solutions in this link…plz suggest another method of solving this problem…

It is not a problem, it is a requirement - this is an external reference, there is nothing as standard, so you need to develop this yourself, or go back to the OP and ask questions on the blog as they state it works. Is it a limitation of the code or something else?

Hi Uday,

I think, whatever u find on that blog is the correct solution for ur problem.

I think, the only problem, u faced was that web service is not enabled.

Find some other web services on net, that provides the solution for ur problem.

Beleive me, there are few of the web services available(obviously they are charging for that), I used one, for prototype for one of my client.

Try to find out the exact problem in the code, and try to solve that, or, u can ask again here for the problem.

But, I can say, please first try to solve the problem at ur end, rather than try to get the readymade solution.

Thanx dude!!! GOt very valuable stuff from U Guyzzz!!! I will do Thattt!!!

hi uday got solution??? if yes, pls share here thanx in advance