Sending reports in pdf format

I did a search to see if anyone offers a solution to send Navision reports by email as pdf’s instead of in html format. I see that this topic has not been discussed since 2002. Anybody know of any recent developments? Our clients should not have to print a pdf first and then attach the email. We want a process that is completely automatic, like sending reports in html. Thanks!

this has been discussed recently take a look at that:

We use PDF995 to print to a pdf file. We also use PDFedit995 to auto attach the pdf file to an email. pdfedit995 has an autolaunch tab that you can check off “attach to email” and an autoname feature so as soon as the report is printed to the pdf995 printer your mail opens with a new message with the file already attached. You do have to type in the destination email address. this works for us, it’s very cheap (free if you don’t mind the pdf995 ad) free download

Thanks to both of you! I like what I see and will probably be testing out the PDF995 possibilities. We are running on 3.70A and will be upgrading to 4.0 in the near future. Just want to verify that these solutions will work with any recent version of Navision. Thanks again!

Have a look at PdfMailer… I personally like it too (specially because of being able of accepting embedded commands on the professional version). I think that was working. :slight_smile:

I recently developed an integrated solution that allows any report to be e-mailed as a PDF document. For details, please refer to this site:

If you wish to send electronic forms incl. graphic, logo, colors, lines, barcode etc. within the form. LaserNet could perhaps be a solution? You can read more under Solutions/add on offered. - or

Is Lasernet fully integrated within Navision to automate sending reports by clicking a single button? Our solution takes care of that, including integrated options to send quotes or POs directly from the respective forms. Also, the documents are PDF format so logos, barcodes, etc. all come through just fine.

Rob… I don’t know about lasernet… but It’s really easy to develop such things with pdfmailer professional and also other stuff… Let’s try helping him, this is not a sales contest :wink: Keep it easy :slight_smile:

Yes, Rob it is, you don’t need to click any buttons. You setup within LaserNet for which customers who needs to receive there e.g. PO, statements etc. as email (PDF), fax, print, xml, EDI etc. and setup a complete electronic form incl. logon, colours, lines, barcode etc. and converts it into the format the customer which to receive the PO in. you can read much more at

Our client also have the same reuirement I have used PDF995 to print to a pdf file. & also use PDFedit995 to auto attach the pdf file to an email. I hope that it’s a nice solution… bye ashish bhardwaj

After reading this topic I installed pdf995 and everything works fine. I only have a problem with the size of the pdf-file, it is 3350Kb, a little big for sending as an attachment with an email. Does anyone know how to solve this, or is it something you have to live with ?? Thanks in advance, Fred

Your making it sound as if a 1 page PDF is the same size as a 100 pages. I have not come across any problems.

Our Sales Order Confirmations are only some 54k when using the mentioned PDF995 function. Nothing specially configurated.

The PDF I mentioned is only two pages. I am using the Stationary-functionality, but the file I used for this is only 60Kb. Can this be the reason ?