Sending report to e-mail

For as long as I remember, any report or posted document that is e-mailed using ‘File|Send|report by e-mail’ function has created a HTML attachment to my outlook client. Now everything sent from a new database (GB3.60) is being placed as text into the body of the e-mail - but I’m not sure what I’ve changed to do this and I can’t find any parameter that would effect it. I’m using Exchange with Outlook and Word as e-mail editor if that makes any difference. Any ideas? thanks,

Hi, i think it still send it as attachment. The difference only how mail client show it on screen. Check e-mail setup.

Hi Adam I am sure this will prove no consolation to you but: Running GB3.60 Email through Microsoft Outlook (not exchange) Message format Rich text Word as an email editor If I run a report and e-mail it using File|Send|report by e-mail then the report is attached as a HTM file to the bottom of the email and not as text in the body of the email. I do not know what is wrong at your end, so sorry for not being much help!! [:D] Keep trying.

We had the same situation. In Outlook we selected: Tools Options Mail Format Send in this message format: Microsoft Outlook Rich Text Note: the HTML selection places the preview in the e-mail.

Thanks all for your replies. Byron you are right. Message format was set to HTML and changing it to Rich text did the job. …maybe just me, but I would have expected format HTML to attach, err, a HTML document and format Rich text to, err, insert text. No? Obviously not. Anyway problem solved thanks.