sending report thru email

when i try to send any report (405 in particular) the extension of the file and the formating of the report is changing drastically, and its becoming useless.

how can we send reports thru email so that they are delivered in the same format as we can have when we take print.

you need to print the report to pdf and send it as attachment.there are multiple threads on that you can search.

A great way to do this is using PDF995 for generating the PDF file, it’s only $9.95.

There are probably freeware applications out there that works ok as well, but for $9.95 it’s almost worth to get a “real” product.

I agree with Bruno. PDF995 is great and very cheap. We also did some small customizing in Navision to get the E-mailadress and subject composed automatically.

you can also save a report as HTML and then send it as an attachment.

That will work too if you don’t have PDF writer.

I don’t have a report 405 but the pdf is really a great & simple solution. In addition to You can search the old too
for “PDF”