Sending mail using Axapta Job.

Hello All,

I have developed a web Application using Business connector. That contain a functionality of Sales order insertion. Now i want to developed a such a functionality like once sales order inserted it send mail to Administrator that sales order has been created or in between any error occur during insertion it send mail that Insertion not done successfully like.

Now i don’t want to use sysInetMail class. I have done this using following:

Bcn.AxaptaObject axSysINetMail = ax.CreateAxaptaObject(“SysINetMail”);
axSysINetMail.Call(“sendMail","”,“Sales Order Created”,“Sales Order created Successfully”,false);

But this code need outlook setting on Axapta server. I don’t want to send mail using outlook configuration. Is there any other method that can i implement in my web Application so that Outlook configuration not needed.

Any help will be a highly appreciated.


Yeah… I have done this using a SysMailer class of Axapta. There is option in axapta for SMTP configuration in Administration–> Setup–> Email Configuration. I have done SMTP appropriate setting and Use following method in my C# code of SysMailer class of Axapta.

Bcn.AxaptaObject axSysMailer = ax.CreateAxaptaObject(“SysMailer”);
axSysMailer.Call(“quickSend","”, “”, “Subject: This is Subject”, “body: This is Body part”);

and it’s work fine. Now i am able to send mail to the specific email id that i have mention in my code without using outlook configured.

This may help someone. [Y]