sending mail from Navision in Citrix environment

Trying to use outlook express 5 as mail client on Terminal Server to send mail from Navision. Works fine when clicking a customers e-mail address, a mail is created with correct e-mail address. But if I print a report and choose file - send, to create a mail with the report as an attachment, an error is generated telling me that IMAP is not installed. Anyone experienced this? Anyone installed a mail system on Citrix and got it working from Navision? Best regards Fredrik

In the first case, which computer is actually sending the mail? The Citrix server, or your local workstation? It’s possible that email is working fine on your local workstation, but the Citrix client on the other end needs to be tweaked. ------- Tim Horrigan

As Navision is actually run on Citrix, it is the Citrix server who is sending the mail. When running Navision locally, sending mail works fine. I think it is something in the Citrix-Outlook Express 5 relation which is wrong, when using file - send in Navision.

Are you using Terminal Server 4.0?, If so then their is a known issue with this version of terminal server and MAPI, the only solution is to use outlook 2000, I am fairly sure that this is fixed in later W2K. Regards Robert

Hello Fredrik I’ve just completed a project where we create pdf’s and attach them to mail by calling MAPI from Navision. This is done in MetaFrame 1.8 and Outlook express 5.5 english version. We have no problem at all with this solution. Works great. For each user we have configured the messaging profile with sender adress, SMTP Server and so on. //Lars

Hi there Yes i have it running with Lotus Notes, it is a bit tricky, so if you want to use Notes e-mail me