Sending mail from BC online

Hi everyone,

In one cloud tenant, we have setup the SMTP. SMTP configuration is per tenant, this means that different users loging into this tennat, are sending e-mails via SMTP from the same sender account. Am I right?

Imagine that we have setup in SMTP the account But different user log into this tennat, with their on accounts, O365 account with exchange mail. a@xxx,com,

Is there any way to send the mail from the own users account, instead of using the account in the SMTP?

Does the BC CLOUD standar allow this?

Thank you all

Standard SMTP functionality is that mails are sent from a specific user made for the purpose - this is because SMTP needs a userid and a password - If you wan’t it any other way, then you have to do some development.

Thanks Palle, that is something I understand.

But is there any other way to send mails without SMTP, to allow each user to send mails with his own mail account? SOmething like the outlook integration, but from BC…