Sending Items

Hi All

Firstly I want to excuse about my English and very beginner question (but I Would appreciate if you give some direction):

I have purchase order with some item. There are two fields for that item in purchase line: quantity of good pieces of that item and quantity of bed pieces.

So Those two quantity should be sent(after posting and choosing Receive) in a different locations.

My question is how can I send item in some location (by code). In which table should I make the changes?


Best way Create two different line in purchase line and put different location code in line. I hope it will take care.

Yes but,should not user do that. That should be done automatically. I am trying to find where is part for delivering items in location in standard . Would U please tell me in which object/trigger is that done . I suppose in code unit 90, but section for delivering items in location I cant find.


As stated in the other forum - user intervention is needed anyway to enter the correct amount that has to go to each location.

Are they too lazy to enter the item number again? Can they not F8 or Ctrl-V Ctrl-C?

The functionality you are looking for already exists. Just Taket the one item, add a second identical item, change the locations for each and enter the proper qty for each.

It’s really really simple. Anything more than that sounds like you just want to create something to charge the customer. Something they don;t need.

Harry, love your answer! [:)] You are so right. I guess that David “Say no the customer” Singleton also love it! [;)]

But every situation is different, every company is different. If this is something the users are doing 100’s of times every day, then I understand that they request a solution to help the do it (despite the fact that it doesn’t take more than 10-15 seconds max to enter that second line).

Alan forget about codeunit 90 - that’s not for beginners, you could easily end up making the system unusable here! Instead I would suggest you to think along the way Harry suggest and create a rather simple function to copy the line. This way your users can enter the first line (the good line) enter the good quantity. Then they can hit a shortcut key to call the new function you create (should take more than 1-2 hours to do max). The new function inserts the copy line pointing to the “bad location” where the user can enter the “bad quantity”.