Sending Email Alerts To UserGroup


I have one query, I am using ax 2012R2

Requirement was to send alerts to the set of users in user group informing about the new employee joining the company and when ever new employee join then I have to trigger batch job, how can I assign this alert to batch job ?

thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions…:slight_smile:

Do I understand correctly that you mean “alerts” in the common meaning, not the Alert functionality in Dynamics AX? Otherwise assigning alerts to jobs makes no sense to me, because alerts are always send by batches.

If the assumption above is correct, it seems that you’re trying to implement a custom batch that will send e-mails to an e-mail group. Then please tell us what’s the problem. Just how to create a batch, or how to send e-mails, or what?

Hi Martin…Thanks for reply

My requirement is send email alerts to usergrops through Runbase Batch when ever new employee joined in organization. How can I assign this to Batch Class? Can you please tell me the overview

Thanks in Advance