Sending e-mail from NF 2.06 thrue Outlook 2000

hi, I am looking for a way to send an automatic e-mail from Navision Financials 2.06 on a NT 4.0 platform using Microsoft Outlook 2000 . The message I get from MS Outlook is :“a program is trying to acces e-amil addresses you have stored in outlook. Do you want to allow this? If this is unexpected it may be a virus and you should choose no” Then i Push Yes and get the following: “A program is trying to automatically send e-mail on your behalf. Do you want to allow this?” And then you have to choose Yes. Can this be done unattended? So the user does not have to push buttons on pop-up screens ?

Well it can but it is not very easy. Microsoft did this because of all the viruses that were infecting outlook. This is only a problem when you use outlook automation so use MAPI instead. Paul Baxter

hi, what I am Trying to do is: CLEARALL; CREATE(OlApp); //Position to the right folder OlFolders := OlApp.GetNameSpace(‘MAPI’).Folders; OlFolders is a automation global Is that not MAPI? what’s the difference ? How can I do that ?

Hi Tom now this is not MAPI it is outlook automation. Look at codeunit 397 to see how to use MAPI, in fact this will most likly do what you want to do. Paul Baxter