Sending E-Mail from Navision without Mail-Client

Hello, i need to send an E-Mail from Navision without E-Mail-Client. We have a html-based Webmail-Client. Are there any solutions? best regards Micha

Anyway you should have Outlook Express installed (as part of IE). So you just need to set it up for sending mails and then you can send mails using the CU 397 “Mail”.

check this components cdo 1.2 cdoNTS i think they provide such a functionality, but still they have some system functionality like winXP, installed smtp service, etc.

Try the SMTP OCX that is avaliable in the downloads section of

If you can use SMTP I would not recommend the SMTP OCX as it has limited features and fails with WinXP. We use JMail for this, available - free - on Regards,