Sending a report as *.PDF eMail Attachment

A customer (Attain 3.01b) wants to send out reports (e.g. invoices) to their customers as eMail-attachment in PDF format (not HTML). This should happen completely transparent to the user with no need or chance of interaction. The problem a have with the solution is to determine the path/filename the PDF-Writer should produce. Normally I have to input this into the file dialog which is popped up by the PDF-Writer. But this pop-up is to be avoided. The whole process has to be controlled by the Attain application. Any ideas will be highly appreciated. Best regards Josef

You may want to look at the PDF Printer from Amyuni ( Through its CDintf program (Common Driver Interface) you run it completely under C/AL code control, including setting the path/filename to store the outputfile. John

Try pdfmailer. It installs as a printer so you cab print any thing and it converts to pdf and attachs to mail client. It’s very good.