Send XMLPort data to external website


I have been requested by a client to export the Item information, using an XMLPort, to an external website (URL) (ie, http://www.externalwebsite\product).

Creating the XMLPort is easy, however, how do I send the output to the url?

Has anyone done this before? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Assuming you are on NAV 2009, just create a web service to expose the data (write a Codeunit to wrapper the XMLport and expose the codeunit). Your web page should be able to consume the data without any problems.

Thanks Matt,

Just to give you more information; the client wants an XML file generated and exported at the url location on a periodic basis. Generating the XML file on a periodic basis is not an issue. What I need help on is how I can send the file to the url location. The client is using NAV 2009 SP1.

So, after I write the C/AL code to generate the XML file, how do I send it to the url location?