Send variable from one page to another

I have created a page 50006 which is for check box subform ,and a page 50007 for species subform when I click on the buton new the page 10868 Payment Slip will be opened then to choose the NO the page 10860 Payment Class List will be opened too .I wanna filter the page 10860 so that I only get the serie I want .

I think about sending variable from a page to another but I don’t know how to do that .Can anyone help me please ?

thanks ,


Which version of navision are you working at…

You can use a function in your destination page… and call that function from your source page with parameters to set your values or filters that you want to pass to the destination page.



Thanks for ur reply ,I’m using navision 2013

I tried this solution but it doesn’t work ,can u explain me more how to do that please .



Here is my explanation:

Page1: SOurce Page which calls page2 with its action.

PassVariable := ‘This is test parameter’;



Ceate a function called SetValues(MyVariable Text 50)

GlobalVariable := MyVariable.

if you put message(globalvariable) in OnOpen Trigger of page2 then you will get the message as ‘This is test parameter’;

Let me know if i am clear enough :slight_smile:



thank u so much that 's clear and really helps but the problem is that I shouldn’t write cause the page should be opened when I click in new button and in this case I get an empty message .