send the value of field from one page to another


please I wanna send the value of field from one page to another .

in page purchase invoice (51 )I have a field named “Vendor Invoice No” I wanna send the value of this field to the page Purch.Receipt lines (5806 )to filter posted purchase receipts and get only the receipts wich have the same “Vendor Invoice No” value.

in my purchase Invoice lines ,when I click on Item Charge Assignment button I get the page Item Charge Assignment and when I click on Get Receipt Lines I get my page 5806 where I wanna do the filter.

I hope that u can help me ,thanks

Hi, you need to apply an additional filter when opening “Get Receipt Lines” from Item Charge Assignment page, right? So add it at PurchRcptLine variable in GetReceiptLines action of page 5805.

Did you add the “Vendor Invoice No.” as new field on Purch. Rcpt. Line table? By default doesn’t exist and it’s used to evaluate “External Document No.” on Vendor Ledger Entry.

yup I added it and ur solution works thnks :slight_smile:

Glad it worked, please don’t forget to verify the solution.