Send Report as a PDF

Hi All… Navision has one functionality called Automation Server/OCX in which we can use third party objects/dll. I just want to know in SDK/.NET CLasses have you come across any objects or dll which can be used in Navision to send report as a PDF attachement to recepient…(Customer,Vendor). Currently Navision doesnt provide that functionality to send PDF as a attachment to Customer. I know the other manual process Print the file using PDF Writer and manually attached it to mail. But It would be really excellent if we find something in one shot. Thanks in advance…

This has been discussed in this forum already several times. ZEON PDF (as an example) can write to a file name which you specify using the Windows Registry. When you know where the file is, you will be able to do with it whatever you want. There are also plenty of AddOns for Navision available to manage this task. Just search for PDF in this forum and you will get plenty of information regarding this.

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Sachin, please do not double post. IDouble posting does not mean you will get twice as many answers, it means that you will have a mixed up thread, and the replies will not be as usefull. Your other thread has been deleted and replied posted here.

Hi Sachin, Using PDF Writer, you can send the documents to customer. From Version 6 onwards, you an define the file path to save the PDF in Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer. You need print the Report to PDF Printer, which saves the document to specified path. Use this path and send email to Customer with attachment. All the best, SV