Send PO as Email attachement

Good afternoon,

I need to send my PurchaseOrder as email attachement, i tried in ax 2012 the button send(initial, copy) in PurchaseOrder Confrmation screen, but it doesnt work !!, I’m trying now to send it directyl wtihout displaying it in report View , using the print Management , but i dont know where i have to make the changement, in wiche Classe/Function.???

Please Help.

Many Thanks


Hi Taufiq,

I too have a similar requirement to send a report to vendor as soon as a PO is confirmed.

CAn you let me know how it was done and where is the trigger set.

The main problem with my case is that I dont have outlook installed ,but i do have Lotus Notes(IBM) installed .Any idea does AX supports mailing through lotus notes.


Vikas (