send parameters between forms

hello experts,

how can we exchange parameter between forms A and B, in case of onLookUp field from Form A to Form B, the parameter should be set in form B then filled in form A :slight_smile:

You have to create a form variable and call the functions within that form. You can’t do it using the TableRelation property on a text box or the LookupFormID property on a field. There is an OnLookup trigger where the code needs to go.

Hi Carlos,

Go through this link. This will help you to pass the parameter from one form to another form

Hello Matt,

in form B i write this code on the onPush Trigger :

Form_A.GetArguments(“Operation No.”);

in form A i define the function

GetArguments(operationNo : Code[10])

i succed to got the parameter but with a small problem , the Form_A.RUNMODAL; instruction reopen the form from new.

then i would like to ask you how can i set the field in Form A within the new parameter. is this instruction enough : fieldName := parameter

try Fieldname := opnum; in onopen form of form A

yes it’s running well, i got my parameter from Form B but in the wrong place! it’s set in a new opened form A. this is because this FromA .runModal instruction , still to find a way to avoid this

for which record you want assign the value?

You can filter Form A by SETRANGE and SETTABLE VIEW functions