send me a book

please send me

implementing microsoft dynamics nav 2009 pdf for me

You do realise the authors of this book are active on this site and would probably prefer for you to actually buy the book they have sweated over rather than just trying to get a free illegal copy - have some respect please.

I actually just wanted to delete this post and ban the poster. Requesting something like this is completely disrespectful and anyone who makes such requests again will be banned from the site.[:@]

Go buy the book online if you want it. Even in India it’s not not much more expensive than one billable hour! You will make that amount very fast again from what you learn from the book.

Not only that, but PactPub have special pricing for Indian citizens, so its even cheaper there.

I think you and your actions are deplorable. I vote for the ban. I have no doubt that Dave worked harder and longer than I did on mine…and I worked a lot. Not only do you want to steal a copy of a book, but you’re too lazy to do it yourself. If I didn’t think my responses to your past posts would help someone else I would go delete them.

I totally agree with all the above reactions.

As Matt said earlier, don’t expect spoon feeding and free books from this website.

The books from Packt Publication are available at cheaper rate fro Indians and if you canget it from a book store in Mumbai (Computer Book Shop) then that will be still cheaper.

I remember when I ordered through Packt’s website a book costed me 2000+ INR whereas same was available from above mention book shop for 540 Rupees, and nothing is illegal in that case.

You might be interested in following link:

PS: Moderators/ owners, I am no way advertising or associated with this book shop.The idea behind posting this link is cutting cost to buyer and saving the shipping time. Normal delivery from UK to India takes 3-4 weeks whereas this might take couple of days.

? The books are printed in Mumbai, so surely they are delivered faster in India?

Not really. I have got 2 books from Packt and both were shipped from UK.

First book took more than 4 weeks, 2nd was not delivered even in 5 weeks times then they sent another by fast delivery option and that was delivered within 4 days (just 2 days before, on 25th November, 2010)

Can you Please send me the name of the Book. I have a freind in Mumbai Now. I want to tell him the book for me. I also want a manual for NAV 2009 for using this system.


Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009
David Roys, Vjekoslav Babić

There are other books also from Packt on NAV.